Sample: Studánka by Ilja Hurník
Jan Jirásek: Sanctus
CD sample: Czech and Moravian Christmas Carols by Jan Jirasek
Jitro Czech Children's Choir

Jitro is an award-winning choir from the Czech Republic. The choir tours regularly in many European, Asian and American countries. Jitro takes part in international music festivals and cooperates with philharmonic orchestras. Choir is a complex institution with a membership of around 450 young singers ranging between 5 and 19 years of age. MORE INFO


A selection of what other said or wrote about us.
Toshitake Nakamura, President Tempo Primo Japan Co. Ltd.

Visitors ... were deeply and from the heart force to tears by performances of Jitro choir and they responded by standing ovations. They said that it was the first time they had heard such beautiful voices and harmony. In particular "Niji-yo-Eien-ni", a 30-minute cantata about people who suffered during the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, was amazing; listeners were really impressed by how deeply singers understood the song content and how perfectly sung in Japanese. (Tokyo, Japan, November 17, 2010)

Professor Hiromi Ando, Professor of music at Yokohama University

"Three years ago I considered that Jitro was the best choir in the world, but you have technically improved even since that time. Some songs, e.g. Hillbillies (Jan Vicar) would not be mastered by any other choir worldwide." (Yokohama, Japan, October 27, 2010)

Neal Frederiksen, Director The Choir from Ursuline Academy

"Jitro, a truly world-class group if ever there was one. Their astonishing musicianship at such a young age is remarkable, and for ANY AGE it was absolutly top-drawer. I really think they're better than MOST professional groups I have heard, in terms of balance, blend, precision, and so much more." (St. Louis, USA, November 9, 2008) Arnold Epley: Jitro brings world-class singing

"Kansas City is surely experiencing choral music concerts that would ennoble any concert hall anywhere. It is virtually impossible to understate the high quality of the singing The Children's Choir Jitro offered in their wide-ranging concert at Kansas City. If the term "world-class" has any validity, it surely applies to this choir." (Kansas City, Missouri, USA, November 3, 2008)

Sarah Bryan Miller, Post Dispatch Classical Music Critic

"The girls of Jitro sing with pure voices, remarkable clarity and a near-flawless blend. They're superb musicians." (St. Louis, USA, October 30, 2008)

Darlene Meyering, coordinator of the Calvin Artist Series

"They have recently sung at the Kennedy Center and were a big hit there" (Grand Rapids, USA, October 30, 2008)

Pearl Shangkuan, professor of music at Calvin College

"I heard them at an ACDA national convention in San Antonio quite a few years ago (in 1993, 15 years ago) and still to this day remember their performance of the Kodaly 'Ave Maria'" (Grand Rapids, USA, October 9, 2008)

The Washington Post: Stephen Brookes: McFerrin Leads "World of Voices" at Kennedy Center

"And the music flowed with astonishing diversity and depth from the Czech girls choir Jitro whose fresh-faced singers (dressed in traditional costume and looking impossibly wholesome) sang a playful work called “Gorale” (Hillbillies) that ended in light fisticuffs." (Washington, USA, June 3, 2008)

Olean Times Herald: Rick Snyder: Czech choir, Jitro, shows diverse range of talent

"The show opened with a couple dozen or so sprightly young women taking the stage, dressed in traditional eastern European folk garb. Their conductor, also in costume, raised his hands, signaled the opening downbeat, and out came the sound of serenity. Their voices blended into a rich harmony that recalled the music of cloisters and other forms of early European classical music. The ensemble was Jitro, a celebrated girls choir hailing from the Czech Republic. Their utterly charming performance was the start to A World of Voices, a colorful and joyous two-and-a-half hour concert mounted by the Kennedy Center, which showcased the power of the human voice." (Olean, New York, USA, March 1, 2005)

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DCist: Sriram Gopal: A World of Voices @ the Kennedy Center

"Making use of almost every skill of voice and word known to choral performance, this group excelled both in preparation and presentation. Possessed of an accompanist of exceptional skill and directed by an artist of unusual depth, this ensemble can certainly hold its own on any stage in the world." (Washington, USA, June 2, 2008)

Prof. J. Vičar, president of the internetional music competition Mundi Cantant

"It was a great pleasure for me to pass in front of a seven thousand cheering participants of the Mundi Cantant Festival in Olomouc 2003 to Professor Jiri Skopal total of six gold medals for absolute victory in six categories of the international competition Mundi Cantant. Skopal's children's choir is admirable organism and its supreme body Jitro is one of the best children's choirs in the world." (Olomouc, Czech Republic, June 8, 2003)

Prof. T. Fiala, Mundi Cantant jury member

"For the entire jury I firstly mention a perfect mastery of the ambitious program. We admired the sound balance between the various vocal groups, a remarkable concentration and overall discipline of all singers. I express my admiration to choir and primarily to choir master for decades of an activity, which could be a paragon for all others." (Olomouc, Czech Republic, June 8, 2003)

Sainte-Foy-La-Grande, Journal - Quest

"The choir and its conductor have music in them and they want to donate it, share it. The technique, however is incomparable, is only in the service of soul of music ... And therefore when you go from the concert it is like you are returning from a journey to another planet." (Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, France, 2002)

J. Kocur, review of the CD Closing the Century, Talent 1/2001, page 30

"I must admit that I gave literally shiver when first listening. I haven't seen as complex, deep enjoyment for a long time! The choir is truly perfect, great; children are singing perfectly cleanly."

Horst Max, Präzident Sechsämter

"Dear Doctor Skopal, with your children's choir, your demeanor and especially the way you sing, you have done for understanding between nations more precisely in our border area than all the politicians together. Even for those our heartfelt thanks."

Dr. J. B. Haberlen, ACDA president (American Choral Directors Association)

"Our ACDA members will long remember your concerts, as they were a major highlight of the 1993 convention. The excitement in this select audience of choral conductors and their sustained applause attest to this fact" (National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 1993)

Prof. Doreen Rao, Toronto University

"Are you aware that you have just changed forever the character and style of all American choral singing?" (National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 1993)

Penn State Eisenhower Auditorium

"Skopal's choir Jitro certainly offered the standard that students of State College can use as a standard for assessing other choirs." (Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA, 1991)

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